What Is the Benefit of Studying at a US University?

Studying at a US university offers students many benefits that extend beyond the classroom. One significant advantage is the opportunity for personal growth. Living and studying in a new environment can be a transformative experience that helps students develop independence, self-reliance, and…Read More »

Europa’s JUICE mission will explore the Jupiter ocean moons Callisto, Europa and Ganymede. Here’s why they’re so weird

Next week, Europa will fly its first mission to the Jupiter system to explore the gas giant and three of its intriguing moons. The European Space Agency (ESA)-led Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer spacecraft, or JUICE, will launch on Thursday (April 13) from…Read More »

Here’s the real reason to turn on airplane mode while flying

Estimated reading time: 5-6 minutes ATLANTA — We all know the routine by heart: “Please make sure your chairs are upright, tray tables are stowed, window shades are up, laptops are stored in overhead bins and electronic devices are set to airplane…Read More »

Scientists are desperate to save a Venus mission on NASA’s chopping block

A space agency gathers the scientific community in an effort to revive NASA’s VERITAS mission to Venus, which has been delayed indefinitely due to personnel and budget issues at the Swedish Space Agency. Astronomers may soon receive warnings when SpaceX satellites threaten…Read More »

Uber’s CEO became an Uber driver to see what drivers really go through

Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi was under pressure to strengthen revenue from ride-hailing app in the wake of the global pandemic, which brought the overall US economy to a screeching halt, but boosted the gig economy to such an extent that Uber could…Read More »